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bands; ten men to a band, and a captain. We calculated that
ten men was a good round number. And ten bands would
make a company with a commander at the head. Professor
Ball here "—and with his pipestem he indicated his father-in-
law~~" he wanted to call the commander a centurion, but we

"In their great days, the Romans," Professor Ball inter-
rupted, " were a people of sturdy farmers. History teaches us
that. Remember Cincinnatus, ploughing his four jugera of
land. A simple farmer. And what does Cicero say in a
similar connection?"

u Durned if I know," Mr. Christian said.

" He says "—and he fixed his gaze severely upon Mr. Chris-
tian, and then, in turn, upon the other two men, " he says,
4 a villa in senatum arcessebatur et Curius et ceteri senes,
exquo qui eos arcessebant viatores nomiriati sunt.' "

"Is that a fact?" demanded Mr. Christian.

"It is," Professor Ball affirmed. "And the word 'cen-
turion/ to come back-----"

" Yes," Doctor MacDonald interrupted, " we figured ' cen-
turion * might confuse a lot of people over in Hunter County,
sounding sort of foreign the way it does, and there being so
many foreign tobacco buyers around here."

" It's in the Bible," Professor Ball said; "' And Jesus said
unto the centurion, Go thy way, and as thou hast believed,
so be it done unto thee.' It's in the Bible."

" Sure, sure," Doctor MacDonald granted amiably, " yes,
sir. But, now, not every man over in Hunter County is as
good a Bible scholar as you, Professor, and it might just get
a lot of them twisted up. So ' commander' looks like it might
be better."

w Maybe so/' Professor Ball said grudgingly.

14 And over all the companies there would be a chief. The
ma in every band would elect their captain, and the captains
would elect their commanders, and the chief and his council
would direct the policy. That's the way it would be. And
fat, if it's gonna do any good."